school zone sign

It's VERY IMPORTANT to stress to your children it's not only Extremely Dangerous to be on the railroad tracks, but it's also illegal.

In the pictures below, I've mapped out the SAFEST Route for our Walkers with the help of Ceredo PD. This is the way they need to be walking from now on.

Please read the caption to each picture CAREFULLY.

Cross the pickup line using the Crosswalk only when instructed by Mr. Davis or Mr. Diamond. Walk around the Ceredo Manor on the SIDEWALK stopping at the stop sign by the Pickleball Courts.

Once it's safe to cross the street from the Pickle Ball Courts you can do so staying on the SIDEWALK. Proceed down the sidewalk until you get to Main St. at Mosser Apartments. Make sure it's safe to cross the street and proceed down Main Street crossing the railroad tracks using the SIDEWALK provided by CSX.

Continue down Main Street until you get to D Street. Make a left on D Street.

Continue down D Street and onto Greenwood Drive all the way to Ceredo Plaza.

Cross the Plaza Parking Lot CAREFULLY over to West 6th Street. From West 6th Street go to C Street/Route 60 and over to McDonald's staying on SIDEWALK when available.

Football Players really SHOULD go ALL the way up to 9th Street and cross C Street/Route 60 using the Crosswalk at the Stop Light.